The Everlasting Popularity of Doctor Who

The longevity of a tv series nowadays is maybe a few seasons. Rarely is it seen a series last over five decades. Times change and interests change and due to this, loyal television followers will leave a series if it moves in a way they’re no longer familiar with or if personalities change and they no longer feel connected. But how do shows sustain themselves when so many aspects of the series has shifted – Doctor who’s one of those series which has prevailed over time, rather than smallish chunks of time, over decades.

Since its inception in 1963, the series has successfully maintained popularity among the BBC longest running science fiction series, and probably holds that title for the majority of televisions series anywhere.

Most popular series have the normal scenarios played dozens of times through different characters and scenes. The slapstick humor that’s often seen in powerful series is a hard nail to strike repeatedly, although a lot of series have achieved such acclaim. But never before has a science fiction tv show been so embraced and followed that through significant social, economic and political changes, there’s an appeal to a huge audience.

Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who
Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who

Doctor that has been depicted by eleven faces, and over time they’ve developed from the older, yet distinguished, to mad scientist into more handsome characters. But it’s not the attractiveness of this character which has caused its success; it’s the uniqueness and creativity of the narrative that keep audiences coming back for more. The changing actors is readily explained through the life span of a Time Lord and their capacity to regenerate after suffering from an illness, injury or old age – the procedure changes physical appearance making new main characters more believable and adopted.

And although physically the Doctor has changed he’s maintained several character traits.


The series itself is about a Time Lord, and aliens who travels through space and time in a time machine named TARDIS. Because he’s traveling through time, he’s struck many famous figures that have segued into fascinating storylines and plots. There’s always and experience, and always a plot to every episode. As time continues, there are always new experiences to be created.

The show did not rely on romantic affections between characters for its own survival. The series is unique and portrays another principal character.

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