Review: Chernobyl Diaries

Chernobyl Diaries

The average person who goes on holiday, goes to relax, to have fun or to find things like monuments, historical artifacts or something like they have never seen before. These geniuses go out of their way to see a secluded and polluted place called Chernobyl.

While preparing for their trip, they encounter another couple that are also likely to Chernobyl for the exact reasons. It is all fun and games at first, but when unnatural things start to happen on this supposedly vacant land, this group of people could find themselves with an experience they’ll never forget….

For those who don’t understand, Chernobyl experienced a devastating nuclear accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant back in 1986. An explosion happened and contribute to radioactive contamination which eventually spread to much of the western areas of the Soviet Union and some of Europe. This area is virtually unlivable, is almost entirely empty now and still has some difficulties with radioactive contamination. That appears to be a place that you may want go see in order have fun right? Right? Me neither.

A group of people are hanging and having a fantastic time with each other. Then after some time, they eventually set off on the trip that lands them in Chernobyl. This portion of the movie is well done. There is a silent tension that hovers over those scenes in Chernobyl and that is because all of us know something is going to go down. There’s one problem though. The storm never really comes, and that is a terrible thing.

It would be like hearing about a class five hurricane that is supposed to be coming your way. It is on the news, you find the dark clouds overhead and you might even start to hear the end and feel some of its own power. Then after becoming worried, you prepare for this monstrous storm and do what you can to receive your loved ones and everything else in order. You are rushing like everybody else and you eventually get home only to discover that all you are likely to get is drizzle. That is Chernobyl Diaries in Brief.

These early scenes once the gang arrive at Chernobyl are easily the best areas of the movie. Everything then strikes a wall, never lives up to expectations and does not really do anything.

There honestly are not a lot of scares to be seen in Chernobyl Diaries and a significant quantity of the violence is quite tame and pedestrian. As a matter of fact, the film overall is rather subdued. I was not surprised at the lack of scares, since I am used to horror movies coming up short in that section. This news should not come as a shock to anybody else really. How many horror movies are no good anyway? What did sort of jolt me a little bit was predictable and conventional it was. For some reason, I was thinking that they may show us something new, but they did not.

If you are a fan of horror movies, you can point out a few of the items in this film which you will recognize in a lot of other films from this genre. By way of instance, you see our celebrities doing several stupid things and making bad decision after bad decision. The stupidity caught me off guard more than anything and that is because these people are too stupid. There are things that I won’t say about the lack of intelligence that is put on screen by the kids caught in Chernobyl, since I would have to point out particular scenes to be able to do this and I do not want to spoil it for you would be film goers.

I also wish to take this opportunity to check at the evil doers from the movie. Once more, I do not want to give up too much, so I will not get to deep into it. The bad guys these guys want to fight off are worse than their Battleship counterparts, but it is more about the way they were introduced than the real villains themselves. They did not give these guys enough screen time and I could say with one hundred percent certainty, that we did not find all that they were capable of.

I will be honest and state that I will not remember Chernobyl Diaries for a lot longer. It’s merely one of those movies that just shows up and is gone from your memory in roughly the same quantity of time it takes to watch it. Until that day comes (tomorrow) when I do forget, I will remember this scary picture for what it is, what it is not and what it might have been. Instead, I got a basic watered down horror movie that could barely be considered terror.

Ethernet Terminology

Technology can be pretty daunting to comprehend, especially when the terms and names applied to it seem overly-complicated. This report intends to break down the conditions most commonly used when referring to’Ethernet’ and offer simple explanations and overviews.


Unlike a LAN, where the computers have to be fairly close to one another, using a WAN the computers could be on the opposite side of the planet. A WAN is composed of several significant LANs connected together – a router then connects the LANs into a WAN. The most important and most foremost example of a WAN would be the web.


A protocol is a standard or a rule that applies to how computers and the technologies associated with them operate. If we didn’t use protocols the vast majority of computers wouldn’t have the ability to communicate with one another. A protocol that you might have come across is ‘HTTP’ – this protocol determines how information and data are translated and displayed as web pages in a browser.


These abbreviations refer to the rate of a network link that’s measured in’bits per second’. The greatest speeds will be quantified in gbps or’gigabits per second’.


Ethernet is a means of connecting computers to form a LAN. It uses protocols to control how the data is transmitted and handled. It’s the most commonly used LAN technology now and may be used by virtually every computer. It was named after the light emitting ‘ether’ which was thought to carry light across the universe.

This LAN technology uses wires and initially could go up to speeds of 10mbps. Thanks to modern technology we are now able to access gigabit speeds. This is known as’fast Ethernet’. Using Ethernet links means that established LANs can enlarge when new devices connect without needing to modify or alter the present network or the computers connected to it.

Network Adapter

If you would like to join your computer to a network you need to have a network card (built to your own computer ) or network adapter (external) installed to be able to do so. Having a network card or adapter installed means your computer can communicate with the network router and connect to a network or to the net. Network adapters may be used for wireless and wired networks.

Ethernet cable and port

Ethernet Card

An Ethernet card, therefore, is a form of network card. It’s known as an Ethernet card since it supports Ethernet connections. Originally Ethernet cards may only go up to 10Mbps but today have been developed to encourage the faster modern Ethernet rates.

Ethernet Port

An Ethernet Port is the area in your computer that you plug in an Ethernet cable into. Sometimes they’re known as ‘jacks’ or’ sockets’. Ethernet is so prevalent that the vast majority of computers now have a built in Ethernet port. The interface is connected to the internal Ethernet card which then will enable your computer to communicate with the network router. A number of other electronic equipment now have built in Ethernet ports, by way of instance, games consoles and a few televisions.

Ethernet Switch

An Ethernet switch is the apparatus that ‘handles’ the system. It makes sure the information from one computer goes where it needs to go. Lots of individuals have clarified an Ethernet switch concerning a policeman directing traffic or a phone operator taking calls and linking them. The Ethernet switch also ensures that all the computers and devices on the system can operate at full capacity without affecting or slowing down any of the other machines which are connected. It manages the traffic stream and sends it where it needs to go.

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